Tata Motors Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025-2030

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Tata Motors Share Price Target: The automobile sector is very dominant in the stock market because it has maximum sales during new year and the business of the company grows. Understanding the mathematics of the stock market is not in everyone’s capacity. If you invest or trade in the share market, then you must know about the Tata Motors stock because it often remains in the news. Today we will know Tata Motors Stock Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030.

Tata Motors Share Price

Tata Motors is an automobile manufacturing company. The headquarter of this company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This company was started in the year 1945 by JRD Tata. This company works to manufacture buses, trucks, vehicles, passenger cars, coaches, sports cars and military vehicles.

Tata Group has a total of 96 companies which work in 7 different fields. Out of these 96 companies, only 28 companies are listed in the stock market, whose names are – Tata Power, Tata Coffee, Tata Alexi, Tata Steel, Titan, Tata Consumer Products, TCS, Tata Chemical, Tata Capital etc.

If you have invested or want to invest in Tata Motors shares, then you should know about this company. That’s why today you read our article completely, by reading which you will know whether you should invest in this company or not.

Let us know about this company and the shares of the company.

Tata Motors Share Price History

If we see the share price of Tata Motors in today’s time (December 2022), then the price of one share is running around Rs.395. In one year the share price of this company has gone up to Rs.536 and down to Rs.388.

The stock has made its low till date in April 2001 at Rs.12. Since then there has been no looking back for this stock. This stock is not everyone’s favorite stock just like that. There are many such qualities in this share that even if there is no discussion of any other share in the market everyday, but the share of Tata Motors is always discussed.

Valuation MeasuresValue/Price
Value (Lacs)25,463.50
Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.)1,31,107
52 Week High528.50
52 Week Low366.20
Tata Motors Share Price Target Table

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Tata Motors Share Price Growth

The market capitalization of Tata Motors today is 1.62 Lakh Crore. This company has given 55% returns in the last 1 year. And so far this company has given more than 1,332% returns to its investors, which is commendable. It means to say that if you had invested Rs 1,00,000 in Reliance Industries in 2002, today that Rs 1,00,000 would have become Rs 13,32,000.

The huge advantage of investing in good and big companies is that you will know that your invested money will never sink. But if you invest money in a small company without any research or guidance, then you always worry about the money you have invested so that your money may not sink.

Tata Motors is a company on which investors have always trusted. You can be sure to invest your money in this company. However, we do not mean to say that its share has always increased. It is never possible in any stock that its share price keeps increasing all the time. There are always ups and downs in the share price. Due to epidemic, inflation and activities of other countries, the share price keeps on going up and down.

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2023-2030

Tata Motors Share Price Target

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2023

If you look at the returns of this company for the last 5 years, then you will know that this company has given very good returns to the investors. If you want to invest in Tata Motors now, then you can do so because there is a possibility of further increase in its share price. Tata Motors cars are in high demand in today’s time.

Tata Motors is the largest selling car in India. Where Maruti vehicles were seen more in earlier times, today Tata Motors vehicles are more popular. Now the month of July is going on, that means half of 2023 has gone. If we talk about 2023, then we think that by the end of 2023 Tata Motors share can go up to Rs.500.

As we told you above that Tata Motors has shown a lot of growth in its stock. Because the business of the company is also growing at a very fast pace. Along with this, its share price will also be seen touching new heights very soon. We fully expect its share price to increase. Let us also tell you that this company is a debt free company. It means to say that there is no debt on this company.

Which proves that whatever money the company will earn, it will remain with the company. He does not need to give away his earned profit to anyone.

With Tata Motors Company performing so well, we feel that this company will perform very well going forward. We have full hope that its share price can go up to Rs.500 in 2023. After this we are getting to see its new target 650 very easily.

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Tata Motors Share Price Target 2024

Tata Motors Company is also doing a great job in making electric vehicles. Which is going to make a lot of profit to the company in the future. Experts of the stock market say that the demand for electric vehicles will increase further and by 2025 more than 30% of the vehicles in India will be electric. This company is making its mark outside India as well. This is a very good thing.

If we look closely at the business of this company, then going forward it will become a very big company and will also perform very well. If you want to put this company in your portfolio, then this is a very good company.

You can invest in this company without thinking anything. If we talk about its 2024 share price target, then we think that this company can make a very good target. We think that in 2024 the share price of this company can go up to Rs.800.

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2025

Last year in 2021, Tata Motors did a lot of sales. In 2021, Tata Motors sold more than 3,00,000 vehicles. This is the biggest record of Tata Motors till date. And this year also the company showed excellent results. This proves that this company has been doing well for a long time and will do even better in the future.

This company has given very good returns to its investors. And this company is also doing very well in electric vehicles. For this, the company has also set up electric vehicle charging stations at different places and petrol pumps. This company is actively supporting the electric vehicle. According to us, the share price of this company can go up to 850 to 900 rupees in 2025.

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2030

Most electric vehicles are being sold in India. If we look at this company, then this company is fundamentally very strong. This company is touching new heights and is making new developments everyday. Going forward, the companies of this sector are going to dominate a lot.

Along with this, there are other good companies of Tata Group which are listed in the stock market. When the share price of its other companies increases, the share price of Tata Motors also increases to some extent. Talking about the share price target of this company for 2030, we think that its share price can go up to Rs.2500.

Check the Live Data of Tata Motors: Click Here

Should we invest in Tata Motors Company or not?

So far we have told you how much the share price of Tata Motors Company can increase in the coming years. Now we will tell you whether you should invest in this stock or not. There is no doubt about the fact that Tata Motors is a great company. It has grown its business very well. Where in 2021 the sales of other companies were affected, there was no impact on the sales of Tata Motors.

Although this company is very good, but its share price runs and falls a lot due to news and stock news. That’s why we have to invest carefully. If you do not want to invest in this company for a long period, then you can earn a lot of profit by buying its shares when any good news comes.

If you want to invest in it for a long time, then you put your money in it when it has fallen by 20% to 25%. And then keep it for 5-10 years and leave it. Your money will double very quickly.

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Tata Motors Share Tips : Tata Motors Share Price Target

Till now we have told you how Tata Motors share price can perform in 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2050 and whether we should invest in it or not. Now we will give you some such tips which will help you to buy shares of this company and earn money from it.

  • Our first tip would be that you should buy these shares by adopting the strategy of Buy on Dips. This means, for example, when this stock falls by 5%, you buy 10 shares of it, then when it falls by another 5%, buy another 10 shares, then repeat this on the next decline.

By doing this, the share will not cost you dearly and if its price falls after buying your share, then the chances of loss will also reduce.

  • Our second tip is that if you want, you can also buy shares of Adani Group and other companies. When any good news comes, then you buy shares of this group and other companies. Because with a good news of Adani Group, the share price of its other companies also increases. With this you will be able to earn more profit.
  • Our third tip will be for you that whenever the market is fast or in recession, you should never buy shares in a boom and never sell the bought shares when there is a recession. First of all, find out the reason for the rise or fall in the share price and then take your decision accordingly.
  • Our fourth and last tip would be for you that before investing money in any company, make sure to see how much debt that company has taken. You should not invest in a company that has a lot of debt, which will take years and years to repay. You invest your money in such a company which is debt free or which has very less debt.

FAQs : Tata Motors Share Price Target

Is it right to invest in Tata Motors share?

The way the company is seen moving forward in the electric vehicle business in the future, it can definitely be expected that Tata Motors share will give you good profits in the long run.

When would be the right time to buy Tata Motors share?

If you are a long term investor then you can make up your mind to invest whenever there is a fall in the share price.

In which sector is Tata Motors Company?

Tata Motors is a company of automobile manufacturing.

What is the future of Tata Motors share?

Tata Motors share can go up to Rs 1,000 in future. For more information read our article above.

How much debt does Tata Motors have?

Tata Motors does not have any debt.

Who is the owner of Tata Motors?

Ratan Tata

What is the share price of Tata Motors?

Today the share rate of Tata Motors is hovering around Rs.395.


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