Havells India Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

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Havells India Share Price Target:

Today we will talk about Havells India Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, where the performance of this emerging company associated with the country’s leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) business can be seen going in the coming years today.

We will try to find out. Due to the rapid growth with which the company has been growing in the last few years, every big investor is seeing their stake in the growth of Havells India for a long time.

Today, along with analyzing the complete details of the business of Havells India, we will also take a good look at the future prospects of the company’s business, so that we will get a little idea of ​​​​how many rupees Havells India Share Price Target has the ability to show in the coming years. Let us analyze in detail.

Havells India Share Price Target 2022

Havells India which is seen as one of the largest leading branded companies in Fast Moving Electrical Goods Segment in India, where the company has many electric products like Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Electric Water Heaters People in the segment see the company as a strong brand in the market.

Talking about the market share, in the entire FMEG segment, Havells India has a market share of around 18 percent.

As of now, Havells India has five popular brands including Lloyd, Crabtree, Standard, Havells and REO, with the help of which the company has been able to establish itself as a strong brand in the FMEG segment.

As each brand of Havells India is becoming stronger in its own business segment, due to this, gradually the market share is also visible in the same way.

If we look at the company’s brand value in a short period of time, as well as the Havells India Share Price Target by 2022, there is a good hope of showing you the first target of Rs 1600, showing a good growth in sales as well.

As soon as you touch this target, you will soon get to see another target of Rs 1670 as well.

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Havells India Share Price Target 2023

Havells India is seen launching new products one after the other rapidly in order to make a strong hold in each of its business segments.

In the last few years, Havells India has launched many such innovative products in the market, due to which people are seen liking the company’s product very much and due to this, the demand for the company’s product appears to be increasing rapidly.

According to the lifestyle of the people, the company seems to be adding the most to the development of its product by using new technology in each of its Fast Moving Electrical Goods.

If the management is to be believed, in the coming years also, the company is working fast on the plan to launch many such innovative technology products in the market in each of its business categories, due to which there is full hope of seeing a big boom in the business of Havells India in the coming days.

Havells India Share Price Target As the company will launch new products in each category, by 2023, showing the same growth in the business, you can see the first target hitting Rs 1900. After that you can soon see another target showing Rs 2000.

Havells India Share Price Target 2024

Havells India’s distribution network is seen to be very strong if seen across the country, the company is slowly showing a lot of focus on increasing the availability of its product in every small big village and city.

Right now, the company has about 14000 direct dealers and more than 210,000 retail stores spread across the country, with the help of which the company is able to spread its product to every village and city.

In the coming years, Havells India is expanding its distribution network in every small village and city to reach more and more market of its product as well as through different mediums like E-Commerce Platform, Exclusive Stores, Omni Channel Network etc.

Through the medium too, the company is increasingly seen increasing its focus on every sales medium in order to make its product reach more and more people.

As the company’s network will be strengthened in every medium, Havells India Share Price Target By 2024, the first target can be seen showing you Rs 2300 even with a good boom in sales.

As soon as this target is interest, you will definitely get to see the second target of Rs 2400 as well.

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Havells India Share Price Target 2025

In India’s FMEG sector, the market share of unorganized products is very high, even now, most of the people buy non-branded products only. But from the last few years, gradually the market share is being seen rapidly shifting from the unorganized players to the branded companies.

Havells India seems to be offering better quality products to the customers at very good prices, due to this more and more people are seen buying their products from organized players like Havells India.

According to the analysts, as the organized players will be seen spreading their business rapidly in different areas of India in the coming years, due to this the market share of the unorganized companies is going to decrease even more rapidly, due to which the market share of Havells India and It is also going to be seen increasing rapidly.

As the company’s market share will be seen increasing, Havells India Share Price Target By 2025, you can get to see the first target of Rs 2800 by earning very good returns. And then you can definitely consider holding the second target for Rs 2880.

Havells India Share Price Target 2030

In the long run, as the penetration of electricity is increasing rapidly in every small village, along with it the market of FMEG sector is also growing rapidly.

At the same time, due to the increase in the income of the people, the demand for every branded FMEG can be seen increasing rapidly, with the benefit of strong companies like Havells India taking advantage of it.

Along with this, the government is also being seen providing government facilities in many segments to give maximum benefit to the domestic manufacturing companies under the self-reliant India scheme, and in the coming time also, the domestic manufacturing companies will be more under the scheme. The business of Havells India is definitely expected to grow at a good pace in the coming times.

In the long run, looking at the opportunities of the business, Havells India Share Price Target By 2030, you see every possibility of seeing the share price around 6000 Rs.

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Havells India Share Price Target Table

YearHavells India Share Price Target 
Share Price Table

What is the future of Havells share?

Looking ahead, Havells India is keeping in mind the market growth in the ever-growing Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) business segment and to make the most of this growth, the company is rapidly working on its R&D, which includes the company Voice.

By including every new technology like Assistant, AI in its product, it is trying its best to give better updated product to the customer, whose benefit is definitely going to be seen by the company in future.

Simultaneously, the way the demand for electric products is gradually increasing in the rural areas, in order to meet the same demand, Havells India seems to be continuously adding on expanding its network, due to which There is full hope of showing a big in the business in the coming time.

Risk of Havells India Share

Talking about the biggest risk in the business of Havells India, in whichever sector the company works, there is always a lot of competition in all the companies whether it is branded or non-branded, due to which in future the company will also lose its market share. There may be some difficulty in increasing it.

Talking about the second risk, Havells India always has to keep launching innovative products of new technology in the market to stay in the market, if in future the company launches new innovative products in the market according to the need of the customer in the market. If this is not seen, then there can be a one-sided decline in the business.

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Havells India Share Price Target FAQ

What is the future of Havells share?

At 2022-09-01, the Havells India Ltd. quote is equal to 1384.600 INR. The “Havells India Ltd” stock price prediction for 2027-08-27 is 2548.690 INR based on our projections; a long-term growth is anticipated. The revenue with a 5-year investment is anticipated to be around +84.07%.

Which country owns Havells?

Based in Noida, India, Havells India Limited is an international electrical equipment firm. The late Sh. Haveli Ram Gandhi founded it, and later sold it to Gupta, his distributor.

Is Havells India Debt Free?

Company is virtually debt free.


I’m hoping you’ve read about Havells India Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030. After reading our article, you’ll have a better notion of how the business performance is expected to develop over the next few years. Don’t forget to ask in the comments if you still have any questions about this post. For comprehensive information about such stocks relating to the stock market, you can also read our other articles.

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