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5 Best Shares Under 50 Rs:
Friends, today we are going to talk about 5 Best Shares Under 50 Rs in 2022 which has full potential to give you the best returns in the coming time.

If you look in the Indian stock market, you will find many such stocks whose share price is less than 50rs. , but among them there will be very few stocks whose business is very good.

Today we will talk about all those stocks with a price of less than 50rs. , whose business growth is very good and in the long run, the business has shown full potential to grow very fast, investing in which you will be able to grow in the coming time. Shows full potential to get the very best returns. Let us know in detail about all those shares-

5 Best Shares Under 50 Rs

Trident Ltd

5 Best Shares Under 50 Rs in our list, the name of Trident Ltd, a company mainly associated with the textile industry, is definitely seen. Due to the speed at which Trident has been showing growth in its textile industry over the last few years, every big investor is seen making a strong position in the company’s stock.

In view of the increasing demand for textile products in the domestic and global market, the company is continuously working on a plan to increase its production capacity, for which the company is also seen investing a lot in the last few years.

Together, in order to expand its business rapidly, Trident is seen increasing its focus on export as much as possible, as well as in a new category, the company is also seen launching its product rapidly in the market. The benefits to the company are definitely going to be seen in the coming time.

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Morepen Laboratories Limited

If you look at the second stock of our list priced below 50rs. , Morepen Laboratories seems to be a very good growth company in the pharmaceutical industry.

From manufacturing to marketing of APIs, branded and generic formulations and home health products, the company does all this work alone, due to which Morepen Laboratories gets the most advantage over other pharmaceutical companies.

The company’s focus always tries to provide its customers better quality products at very good prices, for which the company keeps investing a lot of money on its R&D from time to time.

Gradually, Morepen Laboratories is trying its best to dominate the domestic market on the basis of its best quality products as well as develop global markets like US, UK, due to which the company’s business will continue to grow a lot in future as well. There is every possibility of showing good growth.

IDFC First Bank

If you look at the shares worth less than 50rs. , then at number three of our list, IDFC First Bank, a company associated with the banking sector, sees very good growth stocks in the future.

IDFC First Bank was formed after the merger of both IDFC Bank and Capital First, since then, the journey of good growth of the bank has started.

In order to improve the performance of its business, the bank is gradually shifting its focus from corporate to retail, for which the bank is seen continuously increasing its retail loan book every year, due to this IDFC First There seems to be a continuous improvement in the NPA of the bank.

Simultaneously, IDFC First Bank is constantly updating its business with the help of new technology in order to provide better facilities to its customers in view of the increasing technology usage of the people, due to which more and more customers are seen with them.

It seems to be successful in joining, due to which the business is expected to grow at a good pace in the coming time.

Airan Ltd.

Airan Ltd, an emerging IT sector company at number four in our list under Rs. 50, is seen stock with the best growth potential. If seen in the IT sector, Airan Ltd. It offers many such products and services to its customers, with the help of which the company’s business is being seen growing strongly in this IT sector.

Airan has always been seen showing a lot of focus on developing new technology to serve its customers better, for which the company keeps investing a lot from time to time.

At the same time, to increase the growth of its business rapidly, Airan is continuously working with many such big companies in its sector under partnership, due to which it can be expected that this will give the company a long run. They are going to be seen getting the benefit in time.

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If we look at the fifth and last stock in our list in the share price less than Rs. 50, then the government-owned company IRFC works to provide finance to the Indian Railways.

Gradually, the way the infrastructure of Indian Railways seems to be getting stronger and at the same time as the government is showing more and more focus on new projects, due to this very good growth is expected in the business of IRFC in the coming time are seen.

Gradually, IRFC is seen adding on providing finance on every small and big project of Indian Railways, due to which the company is getting very good benefits.

In future also, the work of many such big projects like bullet train, new station development in Indian Railways is going to be seen increasing, IRFC is going to be providing financing in all these projects, which will make the company’s business very big. There is full hope of growing with good momentum.

Share List Under 50 Rupees(5 Best Share Under 50 Rs)

Serial No.Company NameMarket Cap
1.Trident Ltd.20,154 Cr.
2.Morepen Laboratories Limited1712 Cr,
3.IDFC First Bank31,195 Cr.
4.Airan Ltd.236 Cr.
5.IRFC Ltd.29,797 Cr.

Rules For Investing in Shares Worth Less Than 50rs.

Long Term Investment: If you want to earn tremendous returns in stocks priced below Rs. 50, then you should always have a long term view. The share price may see a slight ups and downs in the short term, but these companies have full potential to generate tremendous returns in the long run. Therefore, if you are a long-term investor, then you should consider investing in these growth stocks.

Buying little by little: You should never make huge investments at all in companies with good growth. Since these companies have more potential for growth than they are likely to see, so to avoid huge losses, you should always invest in these stocks little by little keeping in mind the growth of the company’s business. You should think about buying in the same stock.

Invest only a small part of the entire portfolio: You should never keep a large portion of your entire portfolio in stocks with a value of less than Rs. 50 at any time.

If you look at these stocks most of the time, then the share price is seen to be very volatile in a short time, due to which there is a lot of risk of big losses in these stocks. If you want to keep your portfolio safe and earn good returns, then you should always keep a small part of your portfolio in these companies.

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FAQ (5 Best Share Under 50 Rs)

Which is the best share to buy below 50 Rs in 2022?

1. Trident Ltd
2. Morepen Laboratories Limited
3. IDFC First Bank
4. Airan Ltd.
5. IRFC Ltd.

Is Trident a good buy?

Trident is seen increasing its focus on export as much as possible, as well as in a new category, the company is also seen launching its product rapidly in the market. The benefits to the company are definitely going to be seen in the coming time.

When is the right time to invest in a stock priced below Rs.50?

When the company’s performance shows improvement, then you should take advantage of every downturn and invest for the long term.

What should be the time limit for investing in shares priced below ₹50?

Always have a long term outlook to make good money in these good stocks priced below ₹ 50, you must give at least 5 to 10 years time.

Conclusion(5 Best Share Under 50 Rs)

These were the (5 Best Share Under 50 Rs). I hope that after reading our article Best Shares Under 50 Rs in 2022, you must have got detailed information about all those stocks whose share price is below ₹ 50. If you still have any question related to this article or any suggestion for us, then do not forget to tell in the comment. You can also read our other articles to stay updated with such important information related to share market.

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