NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2023-2030, 2035, 2040, 2050

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Are you looking for an NVIDIA stock forecast? Let’s explore the analyst consensus on NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA). The stock is predicted to have a long-term bullish outlook and was quoted 24.6% below its current price at the time of this analysis.

Let’s have a look at the Nvidia corp stock forecast, target price, and future.

Introduction NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock

NVIDIA Corporation is an American technology company based in Santa Clara, California. It designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system-on-chip units (SOCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market.

The company was founded in 1993 by Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem, who were all former employees of Sun Microsystems. NVIDIA went public in 1999, raising $328 million. The stock price has since risen sharply, making NVIDIA one of the largest tech companies by market capitalization.

NVDA stock is down nearly -40.28% over the past year due to the economic slowdown and Russian invasion, and Analysts expect the company can to outperform the overall market in upcoming years. The stock is currently trading at around $169.52 per share, longer-term investors should consider buying NVDA stock as it continues to be a leader in cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles

NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock Price History

NVIDIA stock has had a volatile history, but overall, it has been on a upward trend since going public in 1999. The stock took a big hit during the dotcom bubble burst in 2001, but recovered quickly and was back above its IPO price within two years. During the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, NVIDIA stock again dropped sharply but recovered relatively quickly.

In recent years, NVIDIA stock has surged on the back of strong growth in the gaming and cryptocurrency markets. The stock hit an all-time high in late 2017 on hype around cryptocurrency mining and gaming demand for its latest Pascal GPUs. However, the stock pulled back sharply in early 2018 as crypto prices crashed and gamers turned to cheaper alternatives.

Since starting of the Russian invasion in February 2022, Global market is declining and all the sectors hit by it. Before the invasion Nvidia stock was on $233.90 per share in February 2022 and its current price is $169.52. Nvidia stocks are now slowly recovering.

Looking forward, analysts expect NVIDIA’s growth to continue as it benefits from strong demand for its GPUs in new markets like artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast Table (2023-2050)

NVIDIA Stock Forecast (2022-2050)

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NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022

As per our analysis, the price forecast for NVIDIA’s stock by the end of 2022 is between $173.35 to $179.50 from its current position which is $169.52 per share. In the past six months of 2022 global market was too slow down and we saw a lot of fluctuation in the market.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2023

Looking ahead to 2023, we believe NVIDIA’s stock price will continue to rise as the company benefits from the growing semiconductor market and its leading position in key growth areas such as AI and gaming.

We forecast NVIDIA’s stock price to reach the minimum price of $207.28 per share to the maximum it can reach $242.92 per share by 2023.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2024

As per the analysts, the company’s earnings are expected to grow at a CAGR of around 25% till 2024. This is primarily due to the increasing demand for GPUs from various sectors such as gaming, artificial intelligence, and data centres. The rising popularity of e-sports is also expected to contribute to the growth of NVIDIA Corporation. Moreover, the launch of new products and services by the company is expected to further drive its growth.

Based on these factors, it is predicted that NVIDIA Corporation’s stock price will reach $283.40 to $319.25 by 2024. This would represent a massive increase from its current level of around $169.52. Thus, investors who are looking for long-term growth potential should consider investing in NVIDIA Corporation’s stock.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2025

In 2025, as per our analysis, we believe that NVIDIA’s stock price will reach $358.50 to $409.08 per share. This represents a significant increase from the current price of around $169.52 per share. However, it is important to note that this prediction is based on several factors, including the continued growth of the data industry and NVIDIA’s strong position within it.

As more and more industries adopt data-driven models, the need for powerful GPUs will only continue to grow. NVIDIA Corporation has a strong history of innovation and is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend. We believe that their stock price will continue to rise over the next few years as they solidify their position as a leader in the data industry.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2026

According to our NVIDIA stock forecast, the stock will reach $442.45 at the beginning of 2026 and can also reach its high point of $479.00 by the end of 2026. The market capitalization will be $1 trillion and the company will be one of the most valuable tech companies in the world.

Investors who are bullish on NVIDIA stock should consider buying shares at current levels.

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NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2030

In 2030, NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) is expected to have a stock price range between $702.68 to $744.46 per share.

This prediction is based on the company’s current trajectory and recent performance. NVIDIA has been a pioneer in the graphics processing unit (GPU) industry and has consistently been one of the top-performing stocks in the market.

The company is expected to continue its dominance in the GPU market and expand into new markets such as autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. With its strong product pipeline and financial position, NVIDIA is well-positioned for long-term growth.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2035

Looking at NVIDIA Corporation’s (NVDA) current stock price of $169.52 and its 2035 price target of $1516.50 to $1579.00, there is potential for the company’s stock to increase by more than 450%. Considering that the company has been able to grow its earnings per share (EPS) by an average of 34.3% over the past three years except 2022, there is a good chance that it will be able to continue this growth trajectory in the future.

NVIDIA seems well-positioned for continued success in the coming years. Its strong product line-up, focus on high-growth areas like AI and autonomous vehicles, and track record of EPS growth suggest that its stock price could reach $$1516.50 to $1579.00 comfortably by 2035.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2040

As per our analysis and well research, we believe that NVIDIA stock will perform well. The demand for AI and gaming applications is expected to grow significantly in the next few years, driven by advancements in technology and the increasing popularity of these activities. This will provide a tailwind for NVIDIA’s stock price growth.

Overall, NVIDIA is well-positioned for long-term success and its stock price is expected to reach $3268.75 to $3410.00 per share within the next 18 years.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2050

In the long term, we believe NVDA stock will continue to benefit from the growth of AI. We predict that the stock price will reach the minimum of $13,752 to a maximum of $13980 highest point by 2050. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 14%, which is higher than the company’s historical average growth rate.

Investors interested in buying NVIDIA stock should do so with a long-term horizon in mind. Although there may be some short-term volatility, we believe the stock will ultimately reward patient investors.

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Future of NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock

The future looks bright for NVIDIA. The company is continuing to invest heavily in R&D, and it is launching new products that are driving growth. In addition, NVIDIA is benefiting from strong demand for GPUs from the gaming and AI markets.

The stock price has already reflected NVIDIA’s strong performance, and there could be more upside ahead. Analysts have a median price target of $250 for the stock, which would represent about a 35% upside from current levels.

With strong fundamentals and tailwinds, NVIDIA looks like a good bet for long-term investors.

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Risk of NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock

Risk is inherent in any investment, and NVIDIA (NVDA) stock is no exception. While the potential rewards of investing in NVIDIA stock are significant, there are also several risks to consider before making any investment decision.

The first risk to consider is the potential for a global economic slowdown. While the global economy has been growing steadily in recent years, there are signs that this growth may be slowing down. If the global economy does enter a period of slower growth, this could have a negative impact on NVIDIA’s business and stock price.

Another risk to consider is the competitive landscape in the tech industry. NVIDIA faces stiff competition from several well-established companies, such as Intel (INTC) and AMD (AMD). If NVIDIA fails to maintain its competitive edge, this could lead to lower sales and profits, and ultimately, a lower stock price.

Finally, it’s worth noting that NVIDIA is heavily dependent on the gaming market. While the gaming market has been growing steadily in recent years, it remains relatively small compared to other markets such as the enterprise sector. If the gaming market experiences a downturn, this could have a negative impact on NVIDIA’s business and stock price.

Nvidia Stock Splits History

Split DateSplit Ratio
June 27, 2000½ Stock Split
September 12, 2001½ Stock Split
April 07, 2006½ Stock Split
September 11, 20071/5.1 Stock Split
July 20, 2021¼ Stock Split
Nvidia Stock Splits History

How Much will Nvidia Stock be Worth in 10 Years?

Looking ahead, there are several potential catalysts that could drive Nvidia’s stock higher in the next 10 years. First, the global shift to cloud computing is expected to continue. Additionally, autonomous vehicles are expected to become mainstream over the next decade, and Nvidia is a leading provider of AI chips for this market. 5G is expected to roll out globally over the next few years, and Nvidia’s GPUs will be used in many 5G devices.

Based on these growth drivers, it’s reasonable to expect that Nvidia’s stock price will continue to rise in the next 10 years. While it’s impossible to predict exactly how much the stock will be worth in 10 years’ time, we believe it could easily reach $920.50 to $1013.10 from its current level.

Will Nvidia Stock Split in 2022?

There is no indication that NVIDIA will split its stock in 2022. The company has not announced any plans to do so, and its stock price has been relatively stable over the past year.

However, some analysts believe that a stock split could be on the horizon for NVIDIA. If the company’s share price continues to increase, it may reach a point where a split would make sense in order to make the shares more accessible to investors. Split-adjusted stock prices are usually more appealing to small investors, and a split could help NVIDIA attract more buyers.

Is NVIDIA high-risk?

Investors may be wondering if NVIDIA is a high-risk stock. After all, the company is facing increased competition from the likes of AMD and Intel. Furthermore, NVIDIA’s share price has been volatile in recent months.

However, we believe that NVIDIA is still a good long-term investment. The company remains the leader in GPU sales, and its products are used in several exciting growth markets such as artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. While there are risks to investing in NVIDIA, we believe the potential rewards outweigh them.

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FAQs(NVIDIA Corp Stock Forecast)

Where will Nvidia stock be in 5 years?

As per our analysis in 5 years Nvidia stock can reach between $501.62 to $542.10.

How high will NVDA stock go?

It is difficult to predict how high NVDA stock will go in the future as it is reliant on several factors, including the company’s financial performance, global economic conditions, and investor sentiment. However, some analysts believe that the stock could reach $300 per share within the next few years.

Will Nvidia stock go up in 2023?

 Given the company’s strong track record and the continued growth of the industries it is involved in, there is a good chance that NVIDIA stock will continue to perform well in 2023. Its stocks can trend between $207.28 to $242.92 in 2023.

Is Nvidia a long-term buy?

Yes, we believe that Nvidia is a long-term buy, thanks to its exposure to high-growth markets such as gaming and AI.

Should You Invest in NVIDIA Stock?

If you’re considering investing in NVIDIA stock, there are a few things you should keep in mind. NVIDIA is a leading graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturer and has been one of the best-performing stocks on the market over the past year.

However, NVIDIA is facing increasing competition from AMD, and its stock price may be due for a correction soon. Overall, NVIDIA is a solid company with a bright future.

Where will Nvidia stock be in 2025?

We believe that Nvidia stock in 2025 can reach its minimum of $358.50 to a maximum of the highest point of $409.08 per share.

Does NVIDIA have a future?

Yes, NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) has a very bright future. The company is a leading provider of high-performance computing GPUs and systems and is also a major player in the AI and autonomous vehicle markets. NVDA stock has been on a tear in recent years, and analysts expect the company to continue to post strong growth in the years ahead.

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Due to the ever-growing demand for graphics processing units, we predict that NVIDIA’s stock price will continue to rise in the coming years. Their products are used in a variety of industries, from gaming and cryptocurrency to artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. With such a broad range of applications, it is no wonder that NVIDIA has become one of the most successful companies in the world. We believe that their stock price will reach new heights by 2022 and continue to rise until 2050.

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