McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2023-2030, 2040, 2050 | MCD Stock Forecast

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McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction: As of 2023 February 09, Wednesday current price of MCD stock is 267.2800$ and our collected data indicates that the asset price has been in an uptrend for the past 2 year.

McDonald`s stock price as showing the rising chart by doing analysis,  So we say that and believe in the similar market segments are very popular in the given time frame.

We can uses a custom algorithm based on Deep Learning it will helps us to decide if MCD could be a good portfolio addition. The prediction we should get they take several variables into account such as changes in volume,price changes, market cycles, similar stocks.

Price of stock should be predicted in future at 455.45110312341$ (70.324% ) after a year according to our prediction system.

It means that if we are invested $100 now this time,  then our current investment may be worth 160.324$on 2024 February 09,Thursday.

McDonald’s Stock overview

As we all know about MC Donald. It a highly profitable with a limited services fast food restaurant. This company acquire large capitals. There are more than 35000 restaurants of MC Donald in over 100 countries. More then 4 million employees are work there.

Our previous analysis conclude that more than 70 million customers are serves per day by MC Donald. And the IBIS world  Report of 2014 says it has the largest share in food industry of 17%. There is only one company who will compete MC Donald which YUM.

McDonald’s Stock Price History

 So now look at McDonald’s stock price history, we can clearly say this it’s  stock has been on a rising upward trend for the past few years. As we say since 2016 , his stock are risen continously 100%.

However, there are some few  here bumps along the way. For example, in March 2020, the stock had take a little bit slow down dip to $146.49 due to the global pandemic. But it recovered itselffastlywithin seven months of October 2020 and reached $228.71 per share. Overall, we see McDonald’s is back on track since then and again it had maintain their same position.

Because it will gives us a  better understanding and a better idea that how the stock has performed  in the past and what we expect in the future.

Investors who are think about to buying the MC Donald stock then they all have need to look at the company stock price history.

Valuation MeasuresValue/Price
Market Caps$200.76 billion
P/E Ratio34.53
Dividend Yields2.22%
52 Week High$283.67
52 Week Low$216.68

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction Table 2023-2050

McDonald’s stock prediction results are shown below and presented in the form of graphs, tables and text information, divided into time intervals. MCDONALD’S CORP stock forecast, predictions, and share price

By technical analysis.

In this table analysis we have prediction on stocks with year low or high changes.


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McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2023

By the help of AI system, we get the total return is 2566.52% from 4088 forecasts . The average MCDONALD’S CORP stock forecast 2023 represents a 14.02% it will increase from the last price of $264.230010982023 stock forecasts of MC donalds there are 10 prediction for each month of 2023 with average stock forecast of $310.91.

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2024

For2024, stock forecasts of MC donalds, there are 12 predictions which are offered for each month of 2024 with average MCDONALD’S stock forecast of $374.66, a high forecast of $417.2, and a low forecast of $326.94. The average MCDONALD’S stock forecast 2024 represents a 41.79% increase from the last price of $264.230010986328

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2025

As we expected that stock price of MC Donald of 2025 would be increase at $341.30 to $351.52 per share. This stock price will show the annual growth rate of 6.4% from 2023 to 2025.

The main reasons of this growth is to expand all the services of company globally. MC Donald is a worlds most profitable brand and it provides a realiable perform to all their investors with a long term. It has highly strong record of sales growth. Which will gives a better growth in stocks in upcoming years ahead.

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2026

Stock forecasts of MCDonald’s 2026, we have 12 predictions are offered for each month of 2026 with average MCDONALD’S CORP stock forecast of $253.24T .The average MCDONALD’S CORP stock forecast 2026 represents a -4.16% decrease from the last price of $264.230010986328

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2027

In 2027, as we all expects that stock price will reach at $403.25 to $414.59 per share. By seeing this stock rate we say this fast food company has a strong growth rate in recent years. In this year MC Donald were bought back their share of owns , reason behind this was it wants to reduce their out standing and boosts their earnings.

This company stocks are looks for a long term investment. We can easily with analysis bought the stock for long terms.

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McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2028

For MCDONALD’S CORP stock forecast for 2028 (5 year), 12 predictions are offered for each month of 2028 with average MCDONALD’S CORP stock forecast of $254.19, a high forecast of $255.44, and a low forecast of $252.75.

The average MC stock of 2028 are :

-3.8% decrease from the last price of $264.230010986328.

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2029

By seeing January 2023 stock price of MC Donald is doing trading at 271.11 per share. So our analysis give a green signal to all the traders that the price of stock will increase in upcoming year with a target of $464.25 per share in the starting of 2029.and it would be reach at $474.45 per share by 2029 end.

In future we expect this MC Donald company is trying to increase their services by adding more items and option in menu. These types of activities makes the company better and profitable.

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2030

As per our analysis, if everything is gone as per our predictions and now there is no such issues like pendamic situation, we believe that McDonald’s stock will perform better in 2030 and this company will give you a good amount in return. If you are search a best stock company then this is a best option for you u can invest your money in this company.

We  should predict that McDonald’s stock could reach the level of $498.50 per share and can achieve the highest level of $507.30 per share in 2030 as we want.

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2035

Looking forward  2035,  as we expect McDonald’s stock price to reach $654.33 to $658.87 per share. It will shows a good position and it will represent a compound growth of rate of 4.5%, which is slightly below the company’s long-term growth rate of 6%. It will depends on many  and we should include the ability of MC Donald ability to maintain or continue its growth at higher line and for expanding it more globally to reach and increasing its focus on digital ordering and delivery.

We believe that MC Donald is trying to continue to develop a healthy profits by carefully controlled costs. And it will investing on restaurant technology that will improve its efficiency and ratings.

Finally, we think that McDonald’s recent commitment to sustainability will help it attract new customers and drive sales growth in the coming years.

McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2040

In 2040, McDonald’s stock price is predicted to reach $837.23 to $849.34 per share. This kind of changement will help the company to maintain their position of one of the largest and most profitable service provider restaurant. The strong fundamentals of this company hepls it to rising global demand, and expansion into new markets will continue to drive growth..

We can expected that MC Donald company growing currently by extended their global fast food consumption and they change their customer trends. McDonald’s is a safe investment with aThey are work hardly to managing their customer preferences by introducing their orders.

The stock price is expected to increase as the company continues to expand into new markets and build on its established brand loyalty by introducing new products and services. Additionally, McDonald’s is well-positioned to benefit from a growing global economy that will likely continue driving demand for its products.

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McDonald’s Stock Price Prediction 2050

In 2050, McDonald’s stock price is predicted to be much higher than it is today. We believe that McDonald’s stock will reach new heights with $1435.56 per share to $1456.25 per share by 2050.

The company has plans to expand its global reach and continue to grow its brand. McDonald’s is a strong company with a history of success, and there is no reason to believe that this will not continue in the future. The company’s stock price is expected to continue to rise as it expands its operations and gains more market share.

Future of McDonald’s Stock

The future of McDonald’s stock is dependent on the company’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the fast-food industry.

The company has been work hard and achieve the success in the past by being one of the first to introduce new menu items.

However, in recent years McDonald’s has struggled to keep up with the competition, as evidenced by its declining market share.

MC Donald median target of 295.00

Night estimation 328.00
Low estimation  262.00
Increase percentage          +11.63

McDonald`s Corp quote is equal to 267.340 USD at 2023-02-08. After analyise our stock forecast a long-term increase is expected, the “MCD” stock price prognosis . It states that the present stock prices are rising upward by around 45%.

Risk of McDonald’s Stock

The risk in stocks is a very major factor. And it will effets the assessment of a stock. The company MC Donald had showing 9.0 risk score which is corresponds to a very high risk and 10.0 risk score is the low risk. Sometimes it will happen we will purchase the stocks by analysis but in future the price of stock would be decrease so, it will badly affect our marker and profit.

So for analyze the risk score of a company like MC Donald we have many indicators which will see the liquidity, volatility or capital structure. These indicators basically helps out to check the present status of stock and indicates us the risk score.

Indicators we used :-
Market cap

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Stock split history for McDonald (MCD)

The MC Donald company have their stock symbol which is represent by (MCD) . As we know there are totally 9 stock are splits till present date.

At last stock was split on March 8th , 1999.

The MCD company bought their first share prior on June 14th , 1971.And it is equal to 122.5MCD shares today.

DateSplitMultipleCumulative multiple
1994-06-272:1x2X7 .75
1982-10-073:2x1.5x3. 5

Why should you invest in McDonald’s?

The MCD company is a part of Dividend Aristocrats club. And MCD company name is explore every where , every one knows about him. MC Donald is a highly profitable and huge developed company. The dividend aristocrats of the company will pay out the higher price to all the investor year over year. And it will gives at least for 250years.

•             A Capital appreciation, it will occurs when a stock rises in price.

•             Dividend payments, it means when a company distributes some of its earnings to stockholders.

•             It has Ability to voting share and influence the company.

Is Mcdonalds a good stock in 2023?

By increasing up the price of MC Donald it was able to get the customer traffic by through quarter.

If these types of position or techinque will followed by the company in 2023 then we make sure it has a good chance to get high earnings and it will expanding continously.

The returns of the investor are also boosted by dividend which is past was increase. The company share holders gets the 10% higher pay out.

So through this mind set  now we see is MC Donald still maintain their apitizing stocks  to keep it in your portfolio for 2023.

By seeing the january earning reports some of the doubts or question are clear. That report Irraised all the issue or problems and provide a profitable output which gives a good impact on company performance. The upcoming year comes up with a new  challenges or thought.


Is McDonalds a Buy Sell or Hold?

If we see the overall rating score is bad and the rating score is depends on the company 65 buy ratings,,13 hold rating and 0 sell ratings. Last 52 week for the MC Donald was so low and in this situation the stock price was 216.70.
Now if we see the current price, the MCD company is 122.80% away from the 52 week low situation.

How much to invest in McDonald’s?

It will depends on the individual investors choice how much he or she wants to invest in stocks. This decision whad completely taken by investor. Where the investor feels risky situation then they are invest more price and where they had feel less risky then they willing and invest less price on stock.

What will McDonald’s stock be in 5 years?

After analyze the present stock price and the previous one we are definetly say this the MC Donald company stock price will reach up to $436.72 per share by 2028. The quote of MC Donald company is equal to 268.340 USD at 09-02-2023 . Our research will say that the long term share are having more chance to increase, as we expect that stock price prognosis for 02-02-2023 is 375.800 USD. After a 5 year investment as we expected  the profit is stock achieve +40.05%.

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The MCD company at present created a successful history in stock market growth. And by seeing their growth we should expected this growth in future also. The achievement of company  shows in upcoming year it will be at top position  for success. We can say that by seeing present growth of company it will experience a significant growth between the year 2023-2030, 2040, and 2050.

At last we give a advice to all the investors that they have to change the company fundamental such as revenue , earnings, dividends to achieve a more better insight. This would tell us how the share price are perform on that times.

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